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Homework due Friday 12/9/16
There is nothing due on Friday.
Homework due Thursday 12/8/16
Please read through page 44 in the play. Read carefully!
Homework due Wednesday 12/7/16
Your second current event is due tomorrow! Please post it to turnitin.com by 8 a.m. tomorrow.

You can find the instructions in the Homework Handouts folder if you have lost them.
Homework due Tuesday 12/6/2016
If you did not finish answering these questions in your group, please make sure you finish them for homework. Respond in complete sentences in your notebook:

1. What do Sam's role models reveal about his values? Choose one nominee to discuss.

2. What do Hally's role models reveal about his values? Choose two nominees -- each one should reveal something different. You may use the internet to do some quick research, if need be.

3. Examine the way Hally reacts to Sam's nominations. Focusing in on one or two of these reactions, explain what is revealed about Hally.
Homework due Monday 12/5/16
Please make sure you have read through page 19 of "Master Harold"...and the boys.
Homework due Friday 12/2/16
Write one paragraph in your notebook in which you explain why Willie is struggling with ballroom dancing. I don't want you to explain the literal reason -- that Hilda is too slow on her feet or that Willie isn't skilled. Instead, I want you to think about Willie's attitude--as demonstrated in the first few pages of the play--and explain how that attitude would make a sport like ballroom dancing, in particular, very difficult.

Regents: Incorporate 1 quotation from the text
Honors: Incorporate 2 quotations from the text
Homework due Thursday 12/1/16
There is no homework for Thursday.
Homework due Tuesday 11/29/30
The second quarter OSR will involve reading current events. To get the ball rolling, your homework for tomorrow is to PRINT out and bring in a current events article from a reputable publication. You might consult The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, etc.
Please avoid random blogs.
*Please avoid election fallout news. Aim to bring in an article about a subject from another part of the world that you know little about.
Over the Thanksgiving weekend...
There will be no English homework over the long weekend. You should, of course, make sure your Of Mice and Men paper has been submitted in hard copy and on turnitin.com. Other than that, you should enjoy your weekend.
Homework due Tuesday 11/22/16
Tomorrow is the big day! The final Of Mice and Men Essay is due. Please come to class with:
1) A printed, STAPLED hardcopy of your essay.
2) Your mentor signature
3) Your essay ALREADY submitted to turnitin.com

Homework due Monday 11/21/16
The FULL rough draft is due on Monday -- typed and printed.

Here's the sample conclusion we looked at in class today -- just in case you missed it:

Lennie throws a dead puppy across a barn, cursing at the lifeless animal. Candy verbally desecrates a lonely woman's corpse, spitting profanities at her exposed, dead body. Both men treat death with blatant disrespect, yet neither man is one that readers would call a monster. Their despicable actions--the actions of two seemingly good men--beg readers to reflect on their own treatment of life and death. Do we treasure life? When life ends, do we give death the respect and recognition it deserves? Steinbeck shows us, through the tale of Of Mice and Men, that the answer for many is "no." Yet, in doing so, Steinbeck begs us to live our lives--and to treat the lives of others--with greater sensitivity, awareness, and respect.
Homework due Friday 11/18/16
Tomorrow, please bring in your introduction and body paragraphs - TYPED.

You don't need to have a conclusion yet -- that will be due on Monday.
Homework due Thursday 11/17/16
Your TYPED, POLISHED body paragraphs are due at the start of class tomorrow.
Homework due Wednesday 11/16/16
There is nothing due on Wednesday, but your typed, polished body paragraphs are due on Thursday.
Homework due Tuesday 11/15/16
Your handwritten body paragraphs are due tomorrow. Please come to class with the two body paragraphs completed.
Due Monday
1) Your outline! (See the post below this one)
2) Your mentor signature and paragraph with comments for the "It's Mean Here" Paragraph Revision assignment.
Upcoming Deadlines for Of Mice and Men Essay
Wednesday, November 9th: Your TWO photocopied or scanned passages are due at the start of class today.

Thursday, November 10th: Thesis statement and topic sentences due (handwritten)

Monday, November 14th: Full outline (thesis, topic sentences, textual evidence) due (handwritten) - IF YOU WERE NOT IN SCHOOL, YOU CAN FIND A COPY OF THE OUTLINE TEMPLATE IN THE "OF MICE AND MEN ESSAY" FOLDER!

Tuesday, November 15th: Body Paragraphs due (handwritten)

Thursday, November 17th: Revised Body Paragraphs due (typed)

Friday, November 18th: Full Draft Due (typed)

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22nd: Final Paper Due! You need to turn it in in hardcopy AND on turnitin.com in order for it to be considered on time and complete! Papers that do not come in BOTH of these forms will be considered missing!

Homework due Monday 11/7/16
The Honors OSR work is due on Monday!
Homework due Friday 11/4
If you did not finish this exercise in class today, please complete it for homework (due tomorrow - Friday):

After we finish this final chapter, I'd like you to choose one of the following words/sentences/phrases. Choose one that makes you think back to another important scene, idea, or aspect of characterization we've discussed in our reading of this book.
All you need to do in your response is explain the connection.. Aim for 4-6 thoughtful sentences.

"...barely touching his lips to the water" (100)
"George shook himself" (103)
"Right in the back of the head" (107)
"Slim came directly to George and sat down beside him, sat very close to him" (107)
"Now what the hell you suppose is eatin' them two guys?" (107)
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